Who am I?

Hi my name is Alexandra, I am a photographer with an uncontrollable hunger and desire to explore and create with my camera, ever since I was a little girl and could hold the camera I have fallen in love with the beauty of photography. I am passionate about photography and playing and working with light and especially working together to achieve beautiful results. Preferably, I catch and grab the moments / feelings / stories, that evoke feelings and thoughts and let others touch by the infinite beauty of everything there is. I want to show the deeper layers and look further with my camera. My eyes are the camera and my camera are my eyes and my way of connecting, sharing and communicating with the world.


As a photographer I like nothing more to put you at ease and have fun while I shoot beautiful pure photos of you without stress and discomfort but which capture you as you really are and show your unique beauty in photos. I think the great thing about my profession is that I can reassure someone in a shoot and actually make it really fun and of course provide you with beautiful photos. My style is characterized by colorful unique photos with a lot of feeling. I have worked together with Motormeiden, the municipality of Heerhugowaard and several companies, among others. In addition to photographing, I am also a photographer who is very skilled in the editing process and I also specialize in retouching.


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